After the release of We Won’t Be Afraid, God clearly told us to start a school of worship, asking us the uncomfortable question, “What does worship that’s in Spirit and truth actually look like?” For two years we took a break from writing songs to wait on God, realign our hearts with His and have this conversation with hundreds of worshippers from many different church backgrounds and nations.


When we felt that the time was right for a new album, we knew that it had to be different. God had challenged us in so many areas and we couldn’t go through the same motions without evaluating at every step – how does God want us to worship Him? We gathered songs with the goal to produce an album that put all the attention, all the focus on Christ. We wanted songs that are soaked in Scripture. Through a crowdfund, we raised funds to cover the production costs so that the new album could be downloaded for free by anyone, anywhere.


Behold is about the community of God beholding Him. Not just individuals, but all of His children bringing worship that’s in Spirit and truth: inspired by His Spirit and established in His Word. Worship that’s centered around Him only. God doesn’t fit in our boxes and preconceived ideas, and we humbly acknowledge that we see and know in part. There will come a day when we see and know Him fully and worship Him perfectly, but until then He invites us to behold Him so that our understanding and thus our worship moves closer to a revelation of who He really is. This album is a call to align our worship with His desire – to have worshipers who worship in Spirit and truth.


James Pringle and Richard wade share the heart behind the new album, “behold.”



Fix Our Eyes

We Bring Our Praise

Christ Our King

The One We Love

All The Nations

You Are The Potter

Behold The Lamb

Your Kingdom Come


Jesus’ Blood

Christ The Lord